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 We currently have several "Buyer Clients" looking for the right company to purchase.


The Buyers include individuals, groups and companies - ready to infuse "fresh ideas," "fresh energy," and "additional capital" - into a Business.

These BUYERS have been interviewed by us, are qualified, have signed "Confidentiality Agreements", are highly motivated to act soon and are looking for the following -

  • Small Manufacturing Companies
  • Wholesale and Distribution type Businesses
  • Service Businesses
  • Machining and Fabrication Businesses
  • Auto & Truck Service and Repair Businesses
  • Printing or Printing Related Businesses
  • Construction or Construction Related Businesses
  • "Selective" - Retail and Food Service Businesses

         "It's quite possible we could have a buyer who inquired about one of our Businesses and might also be interested in yours."

If you own a business and are considering selling - contact us - No cost or obligation of any kind!


Click here to contact us.