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A FEW General Tips on "Buying a Business."

  1. Make sure you really want to buy a business and that the timing is right.

  2. Determine your general criteria - the best you can.

  3. Be prepared to sign a "Confidentiality Agreement" and to share information about you and your abilities.

  4. Thoroughly investigate any business presented to you.

  5. BE PATIENT! - Finding the "Best Fit" may take longer than you think.

  6. Realize that there are no "perfect businesses" out there. Every business has some strong points and some weak points. Match your strong points with the business's weak points and you'll have a winner.

  7. Make sure you feel that you can improve on the existing business. If you don't - you shouldn't even consider buying it.

  8. Be prepared to move quickly when you find the "Best Fit." Good businesses are not on the market very long. - There are a lot of buyers out there.


The number one reason individuals go into business is to have "the satisfaction" of being their own boss.

In second place was "to have more freedom" to make decisions as they see fit.

Number three was to build "financial security" for themselves and their families.

Fourth - Rewards are directly tied to performance.

Fifth - To develop and deploy talents I have.